Car Security Camera –Putting Car Thieves Behind Bars

Car security camera systems are a new type of protection system for your car that has many people looking at security with a satisfying grin on their face on the implications for the bad guys. These types of cameras are typically digitally powered.

Because of modern technology their size has been greatly reduced to the extent that they can now stay hidden in most any part of the vehicle. These cameras typically have built in memory chips that have the ability to record up to 680 pictures. Both the time and date are automatically printed out on all the picture frames which can then be utilized as solid evidence and accepted in the court of law.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking System

The miniature cameras that are on the market nowadays have the ability to be installed in a discreet section of the vehicle. These car  security systems are useful within a car since they can do  verifications when it comes to identifying carjackers,robbers,as well as vandalism. Thefts of vehicles can typically be categorized into temporary thefts,quick strip downs,and exports.

Thefts that are temporary are typically put in the category as vehicles stolen for a joy ride,or utilized as vehicles during and sometimes after committing a robbery. Sports cars and other types of fast vehicles are the typical targets.

Quick strips are vehicles that are brought to a local garage that is commonly referred as a  ‘chop shop’,where the vehicle is then stripped off of its valuable parts which are then sold on the black market. With this type of theft the original car is typically never seen again.

In case of the export car theft,thieves that are organized steal the vehicle where it is then rapidly exported out of the country and sold to the highest bidder.

A modern car security camera system normally utilize infrared black and white digital cameras which have the ability to take pictures the instant that there is any type of movement in the area in view. There are other types of cameras which function through the change in picture and not motion. These pictures can be taken through setting the timing within the camera from between 1-60 second intervals. Normally the time and date get printed automatically on the picture.

A camera system known as the Cyber Eye Camera has the ability to capture and store pictures on a 2GB memory chip which can also be expanded if you wish to. These cameras have the ability to be monitored through remote control,and the built-in infrared sensors can also take snapshots of people in the dark with a range of up to ten feet away. These captured images have the ability to be seen on a television screen to help identify the thief.

There are also available on the open market,other wireless car security camera systems which have the ability to be controlled remotely. Some of these cameras have a switch that is operated by foot,which gives the driver the ability to activate the camera systems without calling attention or alarming the offender. Some of these car security camera systems have an optional wireless siren which functions as an effective type of alarm,thereby having the owner of the vehicle alerted to a break-in while snapping pictures of the offender.

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