GPS Cell Phone Models –The Portable Navigation Device

GPS cell phones are one of the hot favorite of the new age gadget savvies. Learn more about the latest models.

Magellan Roadmate

Users love the flexibility and grand detail received in using these sleek little compact GPSs,especially since you can take them anywhere! You can also attach it to your windshield or dash with accessories that comes with. There is a volume adjustment so you can hear around noisy situations,and the level will come back [...]

Reduced Cost GPS is Readily Available at Online Retailers

When shopping for your new car GPS device,whether upgrading to a better device,or buying your very first GPS,going online to get that GPS is the best way to realize reduced cost for GPS. You can save a lot more money by buying a GPS device online,and almost anything,because you don’t [...]

The Many Uses of a GPS

These days,a GPS isn’t just for traveling the road. Now there are many features of a GPS unit for off-road activities.

GPS Navigation Systems Have Come a Long Way

Gps systems have come a long way since they were first designed for the US military. The first signal from NAVSTAR 1 was received on Feb. 22,1978.