Avoid Traffic Ticket Fines With Your GPS –Red Light Camera &Speed Camera Alerts

Have you had the heart sinking feeling of opening up the mail and finding a traffic ticket,with a $100,$250,$375 fine or higher? Yet you were never pulled over by a policeman –so how did you get this violation? Are your insurance rates going to go up?

GPS Device –The Purpose

The GPS originally made for the military to help track their vehicles and keep the troops from getting lost in foreign countries soon became an instrument used by everyone all around the world. It is a great device that gives directions when you ask and also can help prevent you from getting tied up in [...]

The Truth About Internet GPS Solutions

There was a time when we had to use a map to find those unfamiliar places. Those days you either knew how to find places using a map or you had to rely what others told you to find your way to your destination. But these days you don’t even have to get directions online [...]

GPS Comparison Charts and Choosing the Right GPS

There are so many different models of GPS devices out there it is often difficult to know which one to buy. Do I buy the Garmin 880 or the 760? What about the TomTom 930? If the preceding questions sound like gibberish to you,don’t worry. With the tips in this article and a good [...]

How Portable GPS Systems Really Work

I have read many articles lately on how GPS systems work. All the authors seem to think that the portable GPS transmits a signal. This is a common mistake and is just not true. The portable GPS is a passive device and doesn’t transmit anything! It is only a computerized receiver.