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Court Orders U.S. Gov't To Disclose GPS Tracking Data |

A story discussed over Slashdot:Court Orders Gov’t To Disclose GPS Tracking Data. Their summary:“United States law enforcement officials have been utilizing data provided by global positioning satellite systems to track down individual suspects,wi…[...]

Dueling Privacy Concerns:Court Orders Gov't to Disclose GPS

In trying to obtain Freedom of Information Act data about the practice,the ACLU found itself blocked by the Justice Dept. The reason:DOJ believed that disclosure of the cases where warrantless GPS tracking was used,would violate the priv…[...]

Chilean airplane crash located via Apple's Find My iPhone

By AppleInsider Staff Published:03:56 PM EST (12:56 PM PST) Apple’s Find My iPhone feature led searchers to find a Chilean Air Force airplane that crashed and is believed to have killed 21 people. Search …[...]

DoJ Must Reveal Tracking Data Methods,Court Says

An appeals court ruled the Justice Department must tell people how they track suspects by using cell phone data,reflecting the changing attitude of courts where mobile GPS technology is co…[...]