Econz Wireless “Timecard GPS” now available on Android Market

,leaders in Mobile Time and Attendance,has launched their
mobile time card application called “Timecard GPS” on the Android
devices and tablets! Econz Timecard is a mobile application that works
on standard cell phones,smart phones,and is now available on the
Android devices and tablets. Timecard documents mobile time and
attendance and GPS tracking information for a company’s mobile work
force. Econz Timecard GPS is ideal for companies in the following

“Since deploying the Timecard application in early February,we have
already realized a total cost savings of nearly $100,000.”

  • Construction
  • Home Healthcare
  • Service industry
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Utilities
  • Transportation

How does it work?

Field Workers are able to log the following data from a hand held device:

  • Time
  • Attendance
  • Jobs
  • Tasks
  • Sub-tasks
  • Cost codes
  • Breaks
  • Custom fields and Work order information
  • Team Members hours and job details

Management is able to view the location of employees on Google maps from
Econz web-based software and Real-time job information such as:

  • Current Job and Cost Codes information
  • GPS tracking information
  • Bread crumb trails
  • Speed triggers
  • Mileage
  • Idle time
  • GPS smart fence technology

Timecard is simple to use and cost effective at only $12.99 per month,
per device (this includes Team Clock in/out feature). No more hassles of
paper timesheets and lengthy hours managing employee timesheet

Companies that use Econz
benefit in the following ways:

  • Increased worker productivity
  • Decrease in time-theft by company employees
  • Manage their workforce more efficiently
  • Increase profits
  • Savings on everyday costs such as fuel,overtime and administration

Econz Wireless products also integrate into over 100 accounting and
payroll packages such as:

  • Sage Master Builder
  • Sage Timberline
  • Foundation Software
  • ADP Payroll
  • Kronos
  • Paychex
  • QuickBooks
  • Many more…

Timecard offers more than 20 custom reports and Econz stores all data
for a 6 month period,including GPS tracking information. Econz Wireless
offers a web-user log in capability for internal workers,giving Econz
Wireless customers a complete time and attendance system.

Whether your company has 5 employees or 5000 employees,Econz Wireless
will streamline any company’s time and attendance needs!

Here is what Econz customers are saying:

“Since using Econz timecard to help manage our guys in the field,we
have had the ability to use Timecard’s smart fence technology to monitor
jobs,tasks and location of employees.
This allowed us to move
our current foreman to start another job. This enabled our company to
complete construction well in advance and we did not need to hire
another foreman at old work site.
Fantastic! Timecard
saved my company $75,000 by not having to hire another foreman.”

“We have tried other GPS tracking solutions and we have found Econz
Timecard to be extremely easy to use,a lot less expensive and offer us
more in reporting than our old application.
Econz support team
made the transition very easy for us and had everything prepared and
organized to our specifications.”

“Since deploying the Timecard application in early February,we have
already realized a total cost savings of nearly $100,000.”

Econz Wireless products are available on ALL wireless carriers around
the world,require no contracts and are backed by a 30 day money back

To download Timecard LBS from the Android Market simply click here:Timecard
GPS by Econz Wireless

Resellers and Distributors Wanted

About Econz (est. 1971)

Econz Wireless is a leader in Mobile Data Collection,providing employer
solutions for Time &Attendance,Employee Tracking and Wage-Hour
Compliance Laws. ECONZ’s Timecard Solution captures:time,attendance,
cost codes,job tasks,breaks,and GPS tracking information from a field
worker’s Cell Phone,Sonim,Nokia,iPhone,Android,Blackberry or
Tablets. Supervisors can clock in/out multiple team members on a single
device at the same low cost of $12.99 per device. Econz products are
available around the world. Please visit
for more information.

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