Ford SYNC Emergency Service in 2m Cars

Ford today announced that its emergency service SYNC 911 Assist is now available in 2 million vehicles in the United States.

SYNC 911 Assist was introduced to the public at the 2008 International CES. It was first available on 2009 model year vehicles with a dealer-installed upgrade available for 2008 models. The service is available on all SYNC-equipped 2011 vehicles,including Ford Explorer,Taurus,Focus,Flex,Fusion,Escape and F-150,as well as Lincoln MKS,MKZ and MKT.

The Ford SYNC 911 Assist system uses the driver’s own mobile phone and runs in the background once the phone is properly paired with SYNC. After the one-time setup,the phone connects with SYNC every time the driver enters the vehicle with his or her phone and the phone is turned on.

In case of an accident the feature uses SYNC hands-free phone capabilities to connect the driver directly with a local 911 operator through the paired phone. Should an occupant not be able to communicate with the 911 operator,an introductory message tells the emergency operator that an accident has occurred. Operators rely on the mobile phone carrier to provide location information.

Ford is putting emphasis on the fact its service is free compared to the competition (i.e. GM OnStar);however,as SYNC is relying on the user’s cell phone the remergency service is not 100 percent garanteed. Indeed,if your handset run out of battery,if it get broken in the accident or if someone else is using your car,SYNC 911 will not work.

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