GPS and jammers

Posted:Friday,September 9,2011 12:00 pm

Updated:11:15 pm,Fri Sep 9,2011.

So Pima County is installing GPS tracking devices on all of its
vehicles to keep tabs on drivers. But on the Internet,anyone can
buy a personal privacy device for as little as $30 that will jam

Although the jamming devices are illegal,the escalation of
their use has raised the issue of them being a threat of national

Most phone cell towers use GPS for synchronization and jamming
devices left entire neighborhoods in New York without cell service,
including emergency service providers.

Airports are also installing GPS as part of new aircraft
approach and landing navigation systems and it took officials
months to locate a jammer that periodically rendered a system
useless at an airport in New Jersey.

Pima County might be advised to also include a policy of severe
repercussions to any employee found using a jamming device.