GPS Being Used as a Money Saver in Albany,Georgia

Mayor of Albany,Georgia,Dr. Willie Adams recently made a public statement suggesting that all city vehicles be equipped with GPS tracking systems to save money on gas. Directions can get confusing,even for the most experienced driver. It is not uncommon for someone without a GPS device to supersede the amount of miles they would normally have traveled with more precise directions. Most large businesses require each of their vehicles to have a GPS tracker for both fleet tracking and asset tracking. A GPS tracker in every vehicle saves precious time and money. “So to speak,Albany is a major company,” stated Mayor Adams.

The city spent an astronomical total of  $1,679,000 in 2010 on fuel and the estimated number for 2011 is around $3,453,000. A GPS device installed in every vehicle will hopefully decrease this estimate,though the idea is still being deliberated on. The city owns approximately 890 motor vehicles,22 of which are administrative vehicles. The GPS devices will not only cut gas prices,but will also allow the city to keep a closer watch on its vehicles and prevent future abuse. Mayor Adams expects the fuel cost to decrease by 20% if the new system is introduced.

The city plans to spend more than double in the upcoming year on gas and fuel than they did the year before. Installing a GPS device in city vehicles may lead to a more efficiently run city. Mayor Adams certainly believes that it will reduce spending on a tremendous scale.

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