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Instead of yet another story about how to save money or how to live through the current hard times,why not invest an hour or so in learning about a potentially huge new aspect of business whose surface has barely been scratched yet? There’s money to be made out there,folks. The world doesn’t end with the pressing pundits on your TV .. most of whom have never earned a dollar in business to begin with …

Unleashing the Potential in the U.S. LBS Market

Date:Tuesday,March 17,2009
Time: 10:00 a.m. Pacific / 1:00 p.m. Eastern
Speakers: Lisa Peterson &Rob Groot
Duration: 60 minutes

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Event Description

Consumers and enterprises are using location-based services more than ever before. They are using their phones to view their location and their friends’ locations,to find a nearby business location and get directions to that location,and to check location-relevant information,like traffic,weather,and events. The LBS market is hotter than ever,but is still years from achieving its promised potential. Find out the keys that will unleash this potential,learn about the key market players and their roles,what applications are gaining the most momentum in the marketplace,and what insight the market trends may provide about the future.

Event Speakers:Lisa Peterson &Rob Groot


Lisa Peterson,is President of Peterson Mobility Solutions,LLC,which provides strategic consulting and professional services to clients that require knowledge and expertise in the areas of LBS wireless data applications and digital content,and/or need support in developing partnerships within the wireless ecosystem. Lisa’s primary goal is to help companies develop winning product,marketing and partnering strategies for the introduction of new products to the marketplace. She is a subject matter expert in LBS and frequently collaborates with CJ Driscoll &Associates on LBS market research studies. Her experience with LBS began as a Sr. Product Manager overseeing a portfolio of LBS applications at Sprint-Nextel in 2003. Lisa has over 15 years of experience in telecommunications and has developed an extensive network of contacts in the industry and is a frequent speaker at many LBS industry events.

RegisterRob Groot is a consulting associate for Peterson Mobility Solutions,LLC. In the past 7 years Rob managed bringing LBS closer to the consumer as well as to businesses. He managed the worldwide roll out of several LBS offerings for mobile phones as well as dedicated GPS devices. Initial solutions depended on operator network based location technology and with the ever increasing mobile capabilities solutions became less network dependent. In the past 2 years Rob has focused on location based social networks and their business models,location based advertising and new mobile location technologies like WiFi,BlueTooth and TV signal based location. Rob is intimately aware of location technologies,from network based to device based,in  1993 he imported and installed the first commercial GPS solution in Greece.

What You’ll Learn

• The current state/overview of LBS market in the U.S.
• Key market drivers and trends in LBS.
• The economic models and who in the value chain has the most influence?
• What is location based advertising and when will it arrive?
• What applications have been the most successful and what will be the most successful in the future?
• Consumer readiness and receptiveness.
• Industry challenges.
• What are the emerging technologies and the future outlook.

Who Should Attend?

• Telematics Executives
• Marketing Professionals
• Advertising Executives
• Publishers and Content Providers
• Media/Entertainment Executives
• Wireless Executives
• Purchasers of Wireless Products
• Automakers
• Consultants
• Analysts
• Government Officials
• Network Operators
• Integrators
• Suppliers

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