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Improve student safety and enhance operational efficiency with GPS Tracking
Solutions for School Buses from AT&T. Our customizable solution can help
school districts simplify and optimize route management,reduce maintenance
expenditures,and monitor student drop-off and pick-up times.

So,how do you get started? We can help. Our solutions experts will assist
in building the package you’ll need,whether it is for simple GPS tracking or
involves integration into existing routing,attendance or payroll entry
systems. We even offer leasing options to help meet your budget.

Benefits of a school bus tracking system:

  • Track the location of buses and audit pickup and drop-off times.

  • Enhance safety by monitoring speed,creating geo-fences and redirecting
    buses away from accidents.

  • Control costs by reducing fuel usage,observing on-board engine diagnostics,
    automating driver logs/timesheets and more.

Get on-board now to find out how your district can benefit from a GPS
Tracking Solution for School Buses from AT&T. Contact us to get

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