GPS Tracking for Students Works Even Better Than Advertised

One of the "800-pound gorillas"that top US educators and politicians routinely ignore is that the truancy rate (and,in direct consequence) the drop out rate of American schools is not only pretty disgraceful,but the twin-rates haven’t improved much in the last 50 years since I said sayonara"to high school because a.,the administrators didn’t give a care if I went or not and b.,they had no way of knowing if I was adrift or not.

image Since I’ve become well-versed with the GPS tracking industry,earning my living in the field for many years now,I’ve often advocated GPS tracking for problem students …at risk students …as part of a multi-pronged approach to help the schools succeed at helping students succeed.

Dallas has been doing some innovative work in this field and I think this report speaks for itself.

DALLAS,Aug. 29 (UPI) —Dallas officials said GPS devices attached to the ankles of chronically truant students has vastly improved the children’s attendance.

A city report said that six weeks after the devices were attached to the ankles of 46 students as part of a pilot program in 2007,the students showed up for class 97 percent of the time,the San Antonio Express-News reported Friday.

One of the students,Ana Garcia,said she had previously skipped school so often that she lost track of how many times she was taken to truancy court. But since the device was affixed to her ankle,she has become an A-B student with near perfect attendance,she said.

A San Antonio judge,Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace Linda Penn,said a similar six-month pilot program will be implemented in her city this fall.

"Students and parents must understand that attending school is not optional,"Penn said. "It is mandatory. It is the law."

read the full report on GPS tracking for teen truants here.

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