GPS Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System

The GPS Vehicle Tracking System developed by Ennoble Consultancy combines the use of GPS Devices (Global Positioning System),GSM (Global System for Mobile communications),and the most widely used Google Maps,to produce a much more powerful all-in-one solution to vehicle tracking,making vehicle tracking more accurate and easier than ever,and enhancing effective and efficient fleet management.

With the EC Vehicle Tracking System,and the use of GPS Tracking Device with built-in GSM module,vehicles can be tracked in real-time with accuracy,using inexpensive devices such as cell phones or personal computers with telephony or internet connection. Vehicle location can be viewed on the user-friendly Google Maps interface through the online application,and the work progress and activities can be accessed in real-time

Nowadays,a Vehicle Tracking System is commonly used by fleet operators for fleet management functions such as routing,dispatch,on-board information and security. When managing a fleet of vehicles,knowing the real-time location of the vehicles allows more efficient management to meet customer needs at lower cost.

Main features:

· Ability to transmit the longitude and latitude coordinates of a vehicle‘s location to cell phones by SMS (Short Message Service)

· Ability to transmit the coordinates to personal computers over the internet using GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)

· Ability to get the vehicle’s location displayed on Google Maps interface.

· Ability to keep track of vehicle’s position in real-time or playback the route of the vehicle afterwards

· Ability to produce statistics and graphs illustrating the details of the trip of the vehicle

· Ability to communicate with the vehicle driver via SMS

To view the Vehicle Tracking System application demo,visit the website:

Ennoble Consultancy (EC) is a multi-disciplinary software development and consultancy company with offices in Australia,Malaysia and Vietnam. EC management operates on providing leading edge geospatial consultancy and software development in the Australasia region.

EC develops innovative geospatial/GIS and mapping TabletPC and web applications with emphasis on using web-based maps to deliver asset and facility management capabilities. Ennoble products include Vehicle Tracking,CiMAS Contract Performance Management,Tree and Playgrounds Management System and various audit/inspection enterprise solutions.

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