GPS tracking to aid security during Ganesh visarjan

MUMBAI:For the first time,the traffic police will use vehicle-tracking technology to maintain high security during Ganpati visarjan. On Sunday,vehicles used by 25 to 50 prominent Ganesh mandals will have GPS devices mounted on them along with cameras. Whenever the traffic police wish to find the location of a procession or whether it’s been stalled,a live feed will be available to them.

“This is a pilot project. The cameras will either be still or video,”said additional commissioner (traffic) Brijesh Singh. All zonal deputy commissioners were asked to submit a list of sensitive mandals in their jurisdiction so those vehicles can be tracked.

As a vehicle fitted with a GPS device moves across the city,its location will be flashed on a map along with the time. Specific routes have been assigned to each mandal. If any mandal’s vehicle deviates from this route,an alert will be received by senior traffic officials. Live feeds will be monitored at the traffic control room. “Still cameras can take pictures every 30 seconds and can also use flashes. Data required by cops can be entered into the system,”said Singh. The weather-resistant cameras can even be mounted outside the vehicle. “Presently,the cameras are being fitted inside. The cameras are small and can even be fitted on bikes,”said Kiran Kulkarni,MD of Geodesic,which is partnering the police on the project.


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