HopStop CEO:We Naturally Attract Active,On-the-Go Urbanites

While emphasising HopStop’s strong online and mobile user experience,he said that didn’t fully explain the high engagement levels.

“I think it’s the nature of the service that we offer. So a service like HopStop that provides pedestrian navigation and transit routing in many ways isn’t different to Google Maps that offers navigation and mapping,” he said.

“You are talking about applications that are highly utilitarian in nature:people need to know how to get to places. It’s part of their everyday user experience. It really bridges the gap between online and offline and between mobile and offline.”

Meyer said people are going to and from places all day,every day – especially in big cities – and often they don’t know or are uncertain about how to get there.

“They need a mapping-navigation application to help them,especially when it comes to alternative forms of transportation,” he said.

“When you’re talking about transit routing,buses,biking,taxis and so on,there’s so many ways to get to any one spot and you really do need an application to help you get there. So that leads to very high engagement levels and we benefit from that obviously.”

While HopStop’s users are typically active on-the-go urbanites Meyer said they don’t have a marketing plan that disproportionately targets one type of user over another.

Instead he said they aim to offer a service that is a very strong,utilitarian and useful one:“It happens to be most useful in and around big cities,less so in spread-out suburban areas where there’s little to know about ways to get somewhere other than driving.

“So you’re talking about big cities like Barcelona,Madrid,New York,Chicago,San Francisco,where people meet,go out a lot to bars,restaurants,parties,interviews,meeting and so on.

“A predominant way of getting to those types of venues and points of interest is to use ways other than your own car. So I think that’s why we naturally attract active,on-the-go urbanites. We don’t target them specifically,they gravitate towards us.”


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