How Locate A GPS Tracking Device On Your Vehicle

The combination of low cost GPS tracking devices and that tracking someone’s vehicle clandestinely falls into a legal gray area,has led to an increase in surreptitious tracking. GPS tracking devices are often used to keep tabs on an estranged spouse,to obtain evidence for a divorce proceedings. Car dealerships are also installing GPS trackers in cars,in order to locate their vehicles in case they need to repossess it. Being able to locate a GPS tracking device that may be hidden in your vehicle can protect you privacy and save you from potential legal troubles.

If you suspect that your vehicle may have a GPS tracker on it,it helps to know who might be tracking you and why. Dealerships need to be able to locate a vehicle until it is paid off,which could be years. For this reason they often hard-wire a GPS tracker into the car’s electrical system,so they do not have to worry about the tracker running out of batteries. It can be very difficult to locate a hardwired tracker,as there are many nooks where a GPS tracking device,which is no bigger than a deck of cards,could be hidden in a vehicle. The installer also has the time and knowledge to  hide it behind panels or under the dash. The engine bay is usually a bad location for one to hide a sensitive electrical device,as it is exposed to the elements and can get very hot. Common spots to look for a hardwired GPS device are under the dash and in the trunk,but they can be hidden virtually anywhere in the vehicle. Have someone familiar with wiring of the vehicle  look it over for anything out of the ordinary.

Someone,such as a spouse,who does not have the ability and/or access to the interior of a vehicle to carefully conceal a GPS device could be using a commonly available magnetically mounted GPS tracker. Magnetically mounted trackers attach to the underside of the vehicle with powerful magnets and are often placed along the perimeter of the vehicle so that they can be easily retrieved at a later date. Have a mechanic put the car up on a lift and he/she should be able to spot the tracker if it is there. Other places to look for a GPS tracker are in the glove compartment,taped under a seat or in the trunk.

If all else fails,a radio frequency (RF) detector might be able to determine if a GPS tracking device is being used track your vehicle and where it is. GPS devices emit a radio signal that the RF detector can hone in on. Using an RF detector is not foolproof,as GPS tracking devices do not constantly broadcast a signal. Additionally some GPS trackers only broadcast a signal while the vehicle is in motion. One solution is to take your vehicle for a drive while a friend operates the RF detector.

If you find a GPS device attached to your vehicle you can deactivate it or,if you suspect your spouse is tracking you,have some fun by parking your car in front of his/her best friend’s house overnight. A GPS device attached to your vehicle by the government or with legal authority may be illegal to remove or otherwise tamper with. Please consult with someone who is familiar with the legal ramifications.

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