Local Gravel Business Tracks Stolen Truck With GPS

By:Matt Lally

Columbus- The owner of Flat Rock Sand and Gravel arrived at his work site on Warm Springs Road this morning and noticed something was not right,one of his dump trucks had gone missing.

This probably would have worried Ricky Catrett more,if he didn’t have GPS systems installed in all of his trucks.  Instantly Catrett was able to go online and not only found that his truck had wound up in a junkyard in Griffin,Georgia but he could track exactly how and when it got there.

According to his GPS tracking system,the truck was stolen out of his work site at midnight last night and arrived in Griffin,Georgia soon after.

Catrett says that he called Columbus police and they were able to get into contact with the Griffin Police department who recovered the stolen vehicle out of a junkyard in Griffin.  Catrett believes that the thief was trying to sell his truck for parts and make the money on scrap,“You know you are looking a millions of tons of steel that have entered Columbus. At 14 cents per pound that 280 dollars a ton. I mean that an easy pay day for a crook to come into Columbus,steal something,take it out of town,and it can be broke down in a matter of hours and put on a rail yard and shipped and they would have gotten their money.”

Catrett believes that if he did not have the multi-thousand dollar tracking system on all of his trucks that he would not have recovered this truck.

Columbus police are still investigating the theft of the truck,no arrests have been made.

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