MapQuest Grows Lead Over Google Maps

Others have noted the chart provided on the HitWise blog. HitWise is a Web stats company that track such things as “how many people hit travel-maps websites?”The stats reflect US usage,only. Back in December it looked like Google Maps would finally catch MapQuest,which has to date owned the largest share of the mapping marketplace for the US. Per Heather Hopkins provided Wednesday’s update to a fall post:

Notice that in late December,it looked like Google Maps was ready to overtake MapQuest. Last week,MapQuest had regained an 11% lead over Google Maps,up from 1.6% in the week to 3rd January 2009.

As of Feb 7 MapQuest is at 39.49% to Google’s 35.67%.

The real question is what’s going on? Hopkins notes that MapQuest has been adding features recently and that could be part of it. Google,for its part,is better integrating maps into its search results and that’s driving lots of its mapping traffic. I’m not sure the new features are drawing new users at MapQuest,but they may well slow some users from leaving. And,MapQuest is still a great brand,one that’s searched for quite a bit. I will note that I search on MapQuest and Yahoo Maps regularly as I track news stories. The former always has mentions –often in metaphors –while the latter rarely has any mention,save in a list of mapping sites. What else could explain MapQuest rebound?

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