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Whether you live in Texas or Tennessee,the general consensus across the United States is that it has been an uncomfortably hot summer. And while popsicles and air conditioners can assist in cooling down your body temperature,the thermometer outside still reads just below “heat wave”. In a desperate attempt to discover the cause of discomfort,many Americans have turned to the internet,searching for answers. Surprisingly,what they discovered was that the same technology used in GPS tracking is also capable of highlighting the details of summer’s warmth.
NASA’s Aqua spacecraft,which was launched in May of 2002,houses an Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (known as AIRS). This device allows for weather and climate research by utilizing heat sensors which can track the movement of heat and show significant differences. In a clear visual format,meteorologists can thus portray weather changes. In fact,in July of this year,NASA was able to release four unique films using the footage taken by AIRS. These films shed quite a bit of light on the summer’s unusual heat wave,giving viewers the opportunity to understand the source of their discomfort.

Unfortunately,the recent heat wave was not only inconvenient,but also deadly. Across the United States dozens of deaths were reported to have been heat-related. However,after viewing the footage provided by AIRS many Americans took valuable advice and retreated to an air conditioned room. Here is yet another example of how technology not only increases convenience,but also promotes quality of life.

In light of the developments in modern technology,innovation in the world of GPS tracking is a natural course. The idea of tracking weather patterns with infrared heat sounders certainly inspires confidence in the navigational field. After all,only a few decades ago we relied on the Farmer’s Almanac for advice relating to the weather!

GPS trackers utilize similar technology,based in space,to convey satellite-acquired coordinates to the proper location for tracking purposes. The tiny box placed on your car or on your person communicates with the satellite system to provide the information needed to maintain consistent supervision of your location. Owners of these units are thus able to access some of the most innovative technology in the world of science for a minor investment. This investment is one that few regret,given the protective capabilities of the modern technology.

Article Written by Janice Grover


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