NYT Points Out Limits of Google’s POI Crowdsourcing

On Tuesday Google replied in a blog post,acknowledging the problem.

“About two weeks ago,news in the blogosphere made us aware that abuse —such as “place closed”spam labels —was occurring. And since then,we’ve been working on improvements to the system to prevent any malicious or incorrect labeling. These improvements will be implemented in the coming days.“

At this stage Google is not providing any specific details for how it plans to address the issue. If the pretended closed place has been claimed in the Google place database,it is however not very complex for Google to check with the owner whether his location has closed or not.

Infogroup,who is also supplying its database of 14.5 million business listings to Google has a call center with several hundred agents that call businesses all day long to maintain the accuracy of its database. Accuracy comes at such a price.

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