Privacy Panic of the Day:Your iPhone Is Tracking Your Every Move

Increasingly sinister.

Increasingly sinister.

You know how your iPhone and iPad have GPS locators that allow you to find them when they are lost and to see where you’ve taken a particular photo with the phone’s camera? Well,researchers just learned that the devices have been keeping track of everywhere they’ve been and saving up to a year’s worth of that data in a file on the phone and on your computer,when the two are synchronized. Apple doesn’t get the data,so why are people freaking? “Apple has made it possible for almost anybody — a jealous spouse,a private detective — with access to your phone or computer to get detailed information about where you’ve been,”Pete Warden,one of the researchers,told the Guardian. Oh,yeah. That’s why. Now,remember everybody,the Slippery Pole on West 21st is just the nickname for the gymnastics room at Chelsea Piers. Okay? Be cool.

iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go [Guardian UK]

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