Real Time Traffic:“The Big Revolution is Two-Way Traffic Data”

Dominant Platform

However,Lanctot said the connectivity profile is changing – and it’s different in the US than it is in Europe.

He said despite the US having a digital radio infrastructure in place it had not yet become standard. “It’s probably on its way to becoming standard in cars. An important reason for that is the enhanced data services like weather,parking,news and of course TPEG-based traffic,” he said.

“But HD radio is only available for about 50% of cars – and that’s a real rough estimate.”

Lanctot said while digital radio is in the process of getting deployed,the dominant platform for real time traffic remains satellite radio.

He said auto-makers are still embracing embedded or smartphone connectivity piece by piece in the car.

From a smartphone connectivity perspective,however,mobile is beginning to influence automotive solutions.

“That is manifesting with Ford SYNC and MyFord Touch,which is using the INRIX real-time traffic,” he said. “I believe Toyota has adopted INRIX for the entune connectivity platform.

“Now,you have OnStar,which has a 2.5G embedded modem,currently using over the satellite radio feed,not over the modem into the car. They are planning to shift to TrafficCast actually for real-time traffic data.”


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