Soap opera updates:Dixie is discovered alive on 'All My Children'

SNEAK PEEK:Liam saves Steffy’s life.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES:A severely injured Maggie tells Victor she loves him. Shaken,Stefano returns home and sends Marco away for shooting the wrong person. Taylor confesses to Nicole that she told Brady he needs to find true love —the implication being with Nicole. Nicole is furious but ends up forgiving Taylor,understanding that her sister was only trying to help. She finds out from Brady that Maggie was shot and that Stefano and E.J. were behind it. Taylor refuses to believe E.J.’s guilt,and Nicole tells her E.J. will never change. As the DiMera men argue,Stefano collapses in pain.

SNEAK PEEK:The family feud continues.

GENERAL HOSPITAL:Liz wakes up after the car accident and discovers Siobhan unconscious. She finds Jason unresponsive in the other car and Carly injured. Meanwhile,Sam starts to get excited about her wedding date. Shawn and Jax,with Josslyn in his arms,face off,but Shawn suffers a PTSD attack. Jackal,P.I.,takes interest in Lulu,to Maxie’s chagrin. Robin’s regime as chief of staff continues to wreak havoc for Patrick,Matt and Steve. Later,Patrick and Robin get romantic,but they are interrupted when Patrick is called back to the hospital for an emergency. Liz searches for Lucky. Liz helps Lucky come down off the drugs,and they discuss Jake. Later,Sam lays into Carly. Carly is determined to get Josslyn from Jax before Sonny finds out and kills him. Olivia agrees to check out the situation. Meanwhile,Jax is stuck on the side of the road with Josslyn. Sonny bursts in on Skye and Edward. Shawn continues to suffer the PTSD attack,but manages to snap out of it.

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