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GPS Track This,a GPS device manufacturer based in the United Kingdom,has given a whole new meaning to the phrase “looks can be deceiving.” The company has recently created a GPS device called “Spylamp.” Spylamp is a bicycle light that has a secret:the casing of the light houses a GPS tracker.

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Spylamp lights look like every other bicycle light you’ve ever seen. The Spylamp light sits towards the back of a bicycle,and functions just as a normal bicycle light. GPS Track This has also included a steel wire cable that wraps around the light. According to the manufacturer,this wire cable is impossible for a common thief to remove.

In order to activate Spylamp’s GPS sensor,cyclists simply have to press and hold the on/off button for three seconds. Once activated,a Spylamp will send an instant SMS message to an owner if a bicycle has been moved or tampered with. As soon as Spylamp has been activated,location reports are sent to the Spylamp website. Location data is also sent to a user’s cell phone.

Spylamp is the first of its kind,and,as such,this GPS tracking device is gaining a fair amount of interest. In large cities,such as New York City,thousands of bicycles are stolen daily. GPS Track This hopes to combat this problem with the invention of the Spylamp.

You can purchase a Spylamp for around 105 Euros ($151 USD). GPS Track This recommends that users purchase a pay-per-use SIM card.

As GPS tracking devices become more and more popular,manufacturers of all kinds are attempting to find ways to prevent theft. While somewhat pricey,Spylamp is an excellent way to ensure the safety of your bicycle.

Have you ever been the victim of bicycle theft? Would you spend more than $100 USD to protect your bicycle? Let us know what you think!

Article Written by Harriette Halepis


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