Benefits Of GPS Tracking Devices In Fleet Management Systems

Vehicle tracking systems are becoming popular as a form of fleet management. Such a tool is valuable in increasing the safety of drivers,helping to cut costs and improving the efficiency of a fleet. Tracking In Real Time One of the main b…[...]

New Jersey Court Permits Surreptitious Spouse Tracking

TweetShareEmailA New Jersey appeals court ruled last week that placing a GPS tracking device in a spouses vehicle does not violate any privacy laws. Back in 2007 Kenneth Villanova’s now ex-wife hired private investigator Richard Leonard to catch her…[...]

Silvercloud GPS Tracking System from LandAirSea

TweetShareEmailReliable,safe,and long-lasting,the Silvercloud GPS Tracking System from LandAirSea is a GPS tracker that raises the bar for the GPS standard. It has a battery life of 5-6 days and can be used for a wide variety of applications. Whet…[...]

Apple's iOS 4 is Tracking Itself

Apple’s iOS 4 is Tracking Itself and You Ever feel like somebody’s watching you? Well iPhone users it’s not paranoia,your instinct is correct this time. Cue the Rockwell. It seems that there is some strong evidence that y…[...]

GLONASS/GPS receiver from SkyTraq announced

SkyTraq has just announced a spanking new GLONASS/GPS receiver – guess just how compact it …[...]