The Business Advantage To GPS Tracking

If navigation is the process of getting something from one site to another,then tracking is the process of monitoring it as it moves along. Global positioning system and its tracking systems that is suitable for GPS vehicle tracking and general GPS asset tracking applications is one of the best things that the GPS has to offer.

There are lot of commerce and industries that rely on fleets of vehicles to deliver goods and services either across a crowded city or through nationwide corridors. So,effective fleet management has direct bottom-line implications,such as telling a customer when a package will arrive,spacing buses for the best scheduled service,directing the nearest ambulance to an accident,or helping tankers avoid hazards.

Global positioning system used in combination with communication links and computers can provide the backbone for systems tailored to applications in agriculture,mass transit,urban delivery,public safety,and vessel and vehicle tracking.

So it’s no surprise that police,emergency,and fire departments are adopting systems like Trimble’s global positioning system-based AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) Manager to pinpoint both the location of the emergency and the location of the nearest response vehicle on a computer map. With this kind of clear visual picture of the situation,dispatchers can react immediately and confidently.

Chicago developed a global positioning tracking system to monitor emergency vehicles through their streets,saving precious time responding to 911 calls. And on the commercial front,two taxi companies in Australia track their cabs for better profit and improved safety.

A GPS-based automated vehicle tracking system helps a Boulder,Colorado transportation company to keep its high-frequency commuter buses on schedule in varying traffic and road situation,buses are the only possible alternative for short-route public transit systems.

They are relatively inexpensive,can be quickly deployed,and are easily rerouted to provide accommodation changes in usage patterns. Introduction of a GPS-based automated vehicle tracking systems has helped the local transportation provider to keep its high-frequency HOP route on schedule.

Once you install a personal-GPS unit into your vehicle,you can monitor its position yourself from your PC or laptop and enjoy the great accuracy and simplicity of this system. The GPS Unit installed in any vehicle will only consist of a small box with an antenna. But this unit will be getting info from a high-tech moving lab in outer space.

There are a range of battery powered GPS systems designed using state of the art GPS technology to maximize battery life while giving the highest possible performance and flexibility. Unlike GPS units from before,there are now complete standalone GPS tracking units integrating a 16-channel parallel global positioning system receiver and are offered in both GPS data logger and GPS real-time tracking configurations.

Most are weatherproof,small in size and feature magnetic mounts making them ideal for covert GPS tracking and law enforcement applications. They are also ideal for any commercial GPS tracking application where external power is not available such as GPS location of shipping containers,industrial equipment and stolen asset recovery.

Some companies allow demand for customization of their GPS tracking and embedded system development and can draw on considerable in-house expertise to make sure the new GPS product reaches market on time and within budget.

Gps Tracking can make a world of difference in how a company operates. It is a worthwhile investment that makes tracking a fleet or a person a lot easier. 

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