TomTom Voice Recognition Powered by SVOX &VoiceBox

PND maker TomTom has selected Voice Box Technologies and SVOX to power its recently launched GO and VIA Series Personal Navigation Devices in the United States.

VoiceBox,which offers conversational voice software,has partnered with SVOX AG to deliver a better address-entry experience that utilizes SVOX’s speech recognition engine.

When using VoiceBox’s Conversational Voice technology,TomTom device users can speak naturally;so instead of speaking an address one step at a time,they can simply say,“Take me to 1313 Mockingbird Lane,Seattle.” The user can speak to the TomTom device with natural number forms like,“thirteen,thirteen” instead of having to translate them into un-natural forms,such as “one-three-one-three”.

VoiceBox’s other customers include Toyota,Pioneer and Magellan.

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