Why Continue Losing Billions?

Here’s a pretty interesting (in a sad sort of way) video that outlines just a few of the massive federal motor vehicle fleet programs. According to the figures that the government offices are willing to release (and you better believe these figures are ‘fine tuned’to look as good as they can look) the federal government is spending $1.5 Billion on motor fuel this year. 

At least 10%,likely more than 15 or 18% of this money is 100% wasted. I know from actual,real-world experience that putting inexpensive passive (no monthly cost) "post-mission) GPS tracking in all vehicles will save that much or more. I never equipped a fleet government or commercial that didn’t have savings of that magnitude. An initiative like this would pay for itself in less than 6 months and then continue on to save the American taxpayer millions upon millions every year. So why won’t they do it?

I met a very senior person in the GSA,the folks who provide a large portion of the government vehicles in this study told me formally a couple years ago …at a conference a couple years back. The reason this fellow was at the conference was to toot his agency’s horn about how efficient an organization they were at meeting all government vehicle needs. When I explained this post-mission GPS idea to him his response was,essentially,…"It’s not our job to help control the client agency’s fuel costs …if they want to use something like GPS they they need to take the initiative".

How’s that for effective,forward-thinking leadership? Watch the video showing just how much the federal government is losing,unnecessarily in vehicle waste and then contact Senator Grassley and let him know you appreciate him trying to hold the government accountable for a change.

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